13-15 augustus 2016, Hoge Rielen, Kasterlee, België

Call for Participation

Please Circulate Freely

About Fri3d Camp

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Fri3d Camp, http://fri3d.be, is a gathering of people interested in the current hacker & making scene. Three days (and nights) they participate in many technology and science related activities. Art and social & political themes are always close at hand.

What differentiates Fri3d Camp from other hacker and maker events, is the focus on families. The program offers a wide variety of activities, for all ages and skill levels. Parents and children work together and discover the unknown.

The second edition of Fri3d Camp will take place from Saturday 13 until Monday August 15 2016. Once again we’re heading to the beautiful surroundings of de Hoge Rielen at Kasterlee. We’re also doubling the available tickets, allowing for 256 participants to join in. The recipe remains the same: 3 camping fields and 2 hangars, hosting workshops, lectures and a true hackerspace, will be joined by a central bar/food tent. Children will get their very own space this year, at a tent centrally positioned at the campsite.

The best way to participate is by organising your own activities. We therefore invite everybody to submit proposals. We’re looking for you: hackers, makers, artists, crafters, scientists, engineers, parents and children. We’re looking for people that want to show and tell about their passion and what tickles their interest: electronics, quadcopters, LEGO, 3D scanning & printing, the internet of things, radiography, paper crafts, security, graphic design, programming, music, beer brewing, fimo art,… and lots, lots more.


The idea to organise Fri3d Camp originated in 2013 at an international outdoor technology conference in the Netherlands. With a growing Belgian hacker and maker scene, the time was right to join forces and organise a first summer camp in 2014 to bring together all these people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Anthony Liekens, know from his Open Garage, pitched the idea and soon many likeminded souls from various organisations also put their shoulders to the wheel.

During this first edition, de Hoge Rielen was the home of 128 hackers, makers, artists,… and their families. With over 45 activities, spread over three days, the program offered something for everyone, young and old, techie and artist and everybody intrigued by these passions. Workshops, lectures, outdoor activities, campfire bedtime stories,… This first edition simply begged for second edition.

Submit your proposal

Fri3d Camp is essentially constructed by all participants together. The organising team provides an inspiring environment that supports exploration and discovery of new horizons and jointly learning new things, during the three days of camp.

If you want to contribute to Fri3d Camp and present your passion, or host a workshop to share your expertise with others, or set up an artistic installation at the campsite, or take the stage and give the best of yourself,… Then answer our call of participation!

A special call goes out to the children. For them, and especially by them, a specific program is constructed. On your own, or together with mom and/or dad, we are really looking forward to your submissions!

To submit your proposal, send an e-mail to content@fri3d.be and provide us with the following info:

  1. Your name, e-mail address and short description of yourself.
  2. What do you want to do?
    • Give a talk/presentation
    • Host a workshop
    • Set up an creative/artistic installation at the campsite
    • Bring entertainment in the broadest sense
    • I can’t really propose something, but would love to help someone else with their activity
  3. Give a short description of your activity, including the things you need to realise it.
    • How much time do you need?
    • Less than 15 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 60 minutes
    • More than 60 minutes (specify please)
  4. The family atmosphere at Fri3d Camp brings a lot of children to the table. Most of these children are natively Dutch-speaking. We therefore carry the Dutch language as first language of choice. But this does not exclude any other language. Are you comfortable to host your activity in Dutch? If not, we will help you to team up with someone who can support you. Language will never be a barrier.
  5. Are there any limitations to your activity? (number of participants, age, prior knowledge,…)
  6. Have you given a talk/hosted a workshop before?
    • First time
    • Been there, done that!
    • I’ve done this specific talk/workshop/installation before (with a reference if possible)!

IMPORTANT: Deadline for submissions is May 15. Selected proposals will be announced shortly after and arrangements will be made with the speakers on a personal basis during the months leading up to the event.

Selected speakers, workshops hosts,… also get a discount on their admission ticket for the day of their activity, and are sure to be able to order tickets for their accompanying family members.

Thank you

Fri3d Camp is for you, but mostly thanks to you. So a big thank you goes out to you, for once again making this event a wonderful experience.

In case you yourself can’t answer our call, then maybe you know someone who would really fit the bill. Spread this invitation to anyone you know, who might be interested, any way possible, on- and offline.

Be excellent to each other!